Ground-Based Geophysics on the Moon

Ground-Based Geophysics on the Moon Ground-Based Geophysics on the Moon
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United States
Tempe, Arizona

Of the worlds in the solar system, the Moon is uniquely accessible for ground-based geophysical studies, including, but not limited to, active and natural source seismology, heat flow, electromagnetic methods, and gravity. Our goal is to bring together planetary and terrestrial geophysicists to review the current state of knowledge of the Moon and past geophysical studies, to discuss current plans (i.e., the International Lunar Network), and to begin planning for the future.

The geophysical experiments deployed during the Apollo missions to the lunar surface remain the benchmark for ground-based studies on other planets. We will review these experiments, the resultant datasets, and what was learned about the Moon.

Three decades later, NASA and its international partners are planning to land a series of autonomous geophysical stations. We will discuss these plans and how the planetary/terrestrial geophysical community might contribute to these efforts. We will also develop recommendations for future ground-based geophysical studies, both robotic and human-deployed. The format will include several keynote lectures, contributed presentations, and ample time for discussion. Attendance will be limited to approximately 50 participants.