1st Networking/Partnering Day 2010

1st Networking/Partnering Day 2010 1st Networking/Partnering Day 2010
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The Directorate of Technical and Quality Management of ESA is pleased to announce the “1st Networking/Partnering Day 2010” to be held at ESTEC on the 28th of January 2010 in the meeting room Newton.

The Directorate of  Technical and Quality Management started this initiative in 2006 to increase and stimulate exchanges with universities, research institutes and industry to widen the access of ESA to new technologies and laboratory capabilities.

This initiative addresses the needs of the directorate of Technical and Quality Management  and complements other initiatives of ESA with universities, research institutes and industry. It is implemented  through the financing or co-financing of PhD or Post-Doctoral  research  work in university laboratories or institutes with the goal to enhance research for space applications in general and to take advantage of potential spin-in for space from technologies initially intended for other application domains.

Now, after 3 years of operation, we would like to invite the current and past participants to this programme, namely the students, their tutors from university and the Directorate of Technical and Quality Management as well as other interested parties from ESA to have an exchange of experience and get some inside in the topics the initiative is momentarily dealing with.

The programme will be composed of an oral presentation part, a poster session plus a round table discussion on the presence, future and the impact of programmes like the Networking/Partnering Initiative.