March Storm 2010

March Storm 2010 March Storm 2010
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Each March, a remarkable group of American citizens, each with a deep and abiding interest in our national space enterprise, gathers in Washington, DC.

Our task?
To participate in the ProSpace March Storm and present to our elected leaders the Citizen's Space Agenda, a document that each year lays out a clear and concise blueprint for opening the space frontier to the possibilities that await us there.

Why do all of these people travel to our nation's capitol on their own time and at their own expense? Because they've learned what the professional lobbyists know: the only effective way to be heard in Washington is to make your case in person.
Professional lobbyists have known that since our Republic was formed. But most space lobbyists are mainly interested in promoting the interests of their particular company or group. Few voices were speaking to the larger issues that face us in our approach to space today. So we decided to do something about that, and March Storm was born.