From First Light to Newborn Stars

From First Light to Newborn Stars From First Light to Newborn Stars
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United States
Tucson, Arizona

From First Light to Newborn Stars will focus on the physics of star formation in galaxies, including the Milky Way, nearby galaxies, and galaxies at high-z. The meeting format will include both plenary session talks on major topics of interest to both galactic and extragalactic researchers, as well as plenty of time for in-depth discussion of both theory and observation within smaller groups. Major themes include star formation on galactic scales, star formation in extreme environments, and star formation in low-metallicity conditions. Some time will be devoted to discussion of future capabilities and their requirements for advancing our understanding of star formation.
This is one of two symposia in Tucson in March, 2010. The second one, An Eventful Universe happens from March 17-20. March 17th brings together both symposia in the context of the role played by our national observatory in furthering scientific progress both in the past and future.