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In recent years, Turkey has shown a great interest in space activities and has made investments into this area. Realizing the vast benefits of developing and using space technologies for national development, Turkey has declared its goal to be a space faring nation in the near future. To attain this goal, Turkey is developing and implementing space programs in various fields, including space science, commercial applications and defence projects.

However, we, as ISU’s Turkish Alumni, believe that reaching this goal is not possible without having qualified human resources. We further believe that Turkey can certainly make great progress towards reaching this goal by having many experts on space who are qualified in different disciplines, aware of new space developments and have the managerial and technical abilities to design and manage productive space projects.

ISU’s Turkish Alumni strongly believe that ISU programs are unique opportunities to enhance space related human resources in Turkey. With this belief, we decided to launch this website as a first step to promote the ISU within Turkey and reach future candidate students, who would like to attend the ISU programs, and guide them in their application process to the ISU. Our vision is to increase the number of Turkish students attending the ISU programs.

This gathering is open only to ISU Alumni and highly motivated ISU student candidates.