Cosmic Chemical Evolution Workshop

Cosmic Chemical Evolution Workshop Cosmic Chemical Evolution Workshop
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A workshop dedicated to the exploration of abundance evolution in the Universe

You are invited to participate in a workshop on Cosmic Chemical Evolution, to be held on June 2-4 at the quaint St. Michael's conference center ( The meeting emphasis is on multi-band spectroscopic exploration of the cosmic cycle of matter on all scales, from gas and stars in the Milky Way, to nearby and distant galaxies and clusters. In particular, we address questions of cosmic star formation and their feedback on galaxy evolution that can be traced through the utilization of gamma-ray bursts as a tracer.

The formation and evolution of stars and galaxies is a sensitive function of abundances ("metallicity"). The study of the chemo-dynamic coupling between dark matter, stars, and star forming gas opens a new astrophysical frontier. We invite researchers from all areas of theoretical and observational astrophysics with an interest in this complex set of questions to participate in this Cosmic Chemical Evolution workshop. In particular, during the workshop we will emphasize the link between the driving scientific questions and observational and experimental requirements, to develop a comprehensive document in which chemical evolution science is matched to a roadmap for radio-gamma technology development.

Key Science Topics to be addressed in the workshop include: Galactic chemical evolution on all scales, ISM physics, Galaxy evolution, Feedback processes, galaxy clusters, cosmic star formation history, cosmic chemical evolution, Large Scale Structure, WHIM and "missing baryons", and GRBs as tracers. A preliminary list of invited speakers can be found on the ‘Program’ page. A first draft of the scientific program will be announced on May 15th and the final program on May 30th.