Life in Space for Life on Earth

Life in Space for Life on Earth Life in Space for Life on Earth
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The European Space Agency (ESA), the International Society for Gravitational Physiology (ISGP),  the Italian Society for Space Biomedicine and Biotechnology (ISSBB)and the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) announce the ESA/ISGP/ISSBB/ELGRA Joint Life Sciences Meeting 2010 and invite international scientists to present investigative results in space and gravitational biology, physiology and experimental medicine at the joint:

  • 31st Annual ISGP Meeting
  • 11th ESA Life Sciences Symposium
  • 5th ISSBB Symposium
  • ELGRA Symposium



  • The effects of changes in magnitude and direction of the force environment on the physiology and behaviour of humans, animals plants and cells
  • The effects of weightlessness during spaceflight
  • Acute and chronic acceleration
  • Impact, vibration and the various forms of simulated evolutionary consequences of gravity
  • The role of gravity in the manifestation of scale effects in animals and plants
  • Hypergravity and other countermeasures to microgravity
  • Simulation of Lunar/Mars habitat
  • Altered gravity effects for experimental medicine
  • Translational research: from space research to population benefit