Space and Global Security of Humanity

Space and Global Security of Humanity Space and Global Security of Humanity
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    Elena Rutkovska
    Transport and Telecommunication Institute
    Lomonosova street 1, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia
    phone: +(371)-67100619

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The Symposium purpose – discussion of political, legal, organizational and technical aspects of realization of Project IGMASS, prospects of expansion of a circle of its state-participants.

Organizers of the Symposium:

The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA); The Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K.E.Tsiolkovsy; Transport and Communication Institute (TSI), Latvia.

The basic directions of work of the Symposium:
1. Modern strategy of an outer space exploration in interests of the states of the North European and Baltic regions (ecology preservation, safety of transportation of cargoes and preparation of experts in the field of space activity and applied use of its results, the prevention of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character)
2. The project of Concept IGMASS:

  • The purposes, problems, requirements, shape, structure;
  • Methods, technologies and means of forecasting of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character;
  • Uniform information field IGMASS: use of navigating and telecommunication resources of system in interests of the decision of humanitarian problems (liquidation of consequences of force majeure, remote training, medicine of accidents and another);
  • Political, legal, organizational, financial and technical aspects of creation and use IGMASS.

3. The organization of scientific researches with a view of technical realization of Concept IGMASS.

4. Session «International Committee on IGMASS Project Implementation».

5. Meeting of working group "Disaster Managment / Natural Hazards"