Puerto Rico Space Congress - Space is the answer!

Puerto Rico Space Congress - Space is the answer! Puerto Rico Space Congress - Space is the answer!
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    phone: +1-551-579-4686
    fax: +1-(503) 372-9812

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    space ,astronautics ,technology ,aerospace ,science ,exploration ,energy ,astronomy ,policy ,green ,NASA ,rockets ,satellites ,Moon ,Mars ,Planets ,Asteroids ,Comets

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    To be announced

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    English, Espanol

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NSS Puerto Rico in cooperation with Stratowave Corporation is holding a major space event.

We have an amazing room rate of $129 per night plus taxes and fees.

The Puerto Rico space congress is focused on informing and inspiring persons interested in developing the space frontier to the benefit of humanity. Get the inside information on what is happening at the cutting edge of space technology and planning.
Where can we go from ...here? Where SHOULD we go? Where will we go?
How will we educate our workforce? How will we fix our economy and fund the necessary investments? All these questions will be discussed in depth. Experts in the relevant fields will be assembled.

We will target students, manager, engineers, policy makers, futurists, academics, entrepreneurs, investors.

We seek Speakers and Sponsors!

Would you speak as a courtesy or would you consider barter for sales of your products at the end of the talk; or would you consider a private breakout session of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
We can barter a free exhibit table for your use. If this is not of interest, then please advise the terms of your speaking engagement.

Oh and by the way, we plan to have a lot of fun on the way!

Join us!

Irene Schneider is our first confirmed speaker

Irene holds a Masters degree in Geosciences from the Pennsylvania State University with a specialty in Astrobiology. Her research is focused around planet Mars and its surface radiation environments in collaboration with Professor James Kasting and Dr. Francis Cucinotta of the NASA Johnson Space Center. She was a member of the NASA Virtual Planetary Laboratory, a group of distinguished scientists whose main goal is to understand how habitable other planets might be around other suns.