SSI 2010 Space Manufacturing 14: Critical Technologies for Space Settlement

SSI 2010 Space Manufacturing 14: Critical Technologies for Space Settlement SSI 2010 Space Manufacturing 14: Critical Technologies for Space Settlement
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    Colette Christiansen
    Space Studies Institute (SSI)
    phone: 703-851-1100

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    Space, Technology, Harware, Law, Manufacturing, Entrepreneurs, Science, Engineering, O'Neill, NASA,

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    $250 includes two day conference plus catered lunch each day and Friday night Wine Reception

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United States
NASA Ames Conference Center, Mountain View, CA

Space Manufacturing 14: Critical Technologies for Space Settlement will be held at NASA Ames Conference Center in Mountain View, CA, October 30 and 31, 2010.

Thirty five years ago, NASA Ames Research Center was the site of the first large technical study of space settlement. We have made significant progress since then,... but with the prospect of low cost space transportation in the near future, now is the time to reinvigorate research and collaboration on the critical path technologies needed for space industrialization and settlement.

“Fifty years after the creation of NASA, our goal is no longer just a destination to reach. Our goal is the capacity for people to work and learn and operate and live safely beyond the Earth for extended periods of time, ultimately in ways that are more sustainable and even indefinite. And in fulfilling this task, we will not only extend humanity’s reach in space—we will strengthen America’s leadership here on Earth.” —President Barack Obama, April 15, 2010

The 14th Space Studies Institute conference on Space Manufacturing continues in the spirit of the Princeton Conferences initiated by Prof. Gerard K O’Neill in 1974. The Space Manufacturing and Space Settlement Conferences have always given SSI and it's attendees great value. This conference is the only one solely concerned with the science and engineering of humanity’s expansion into the solar system. Its most important function is to bring together the engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers who do the real work. New space companies and new institutions have formed from collaborations forged at earlier conferences.

The specific purpose of Space Manufacturing 14 is to identify and recommend critical hardware research that can be conducted now by SSI, NASA and other organizations; To develop technical solutions to the challenges of space manufacturing and space settlement.

Seven sessions chaired by recognized subject experts will present selected peer-reviewed paper:
Professor John S. Lewis, Conference Chair
Professor Mike A’Hearn, Extraterrestrial Prospecting
Dr. Philip Chapman, Space Solar Power & Space Energy Systems
James Dunstan, Esq., International, Legal & Economic Considerations
Gary Hudson, Space Transportation Architecture
Taber McCallum, Closed Environment Life Support Systems
Dr. Peter Schubert, Engineering Materials from Non Terrestrial Resources
Professor Red Whittaker, Robotics and Space Manufacturing
Jim Burke, Poster Session

Registration will open July 7, 2010 at
Registration is $250 for the entire two day conference, which includes a catered lunch each day and a Friday night (October 29) Wine Reception.

Saturday, October 30 - Four course buffet dinner with keynote - $35

Our Official Hotel for this event is the lovely Sheraton Sunnyvale. Exclusive to SSI attendees, a special rate of $89 per night includes an exclusive Shuttle pickup and drop off between San Jose Airport and the Hotel (until 9pm on Friday, October 29, all day Saturday and Sunday, with regular Shuttle service Monday), transportation to/from the NASA Ames conference free High Speed Internet in each SSI guest's room.

The official SSI link for hotel registration is available now at

Please come join us!

Colette Christiansen
Conference Director, SSI 2010
Space Manufacturing 14: Critical Technologies for Space Settlement Space Studies Institute at NASA Ames Conference Center Oct. 30-31

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