5th Annual Lincoln Space Law Conference

5th Annual Lincoln Space Law Conference 5th Annual Lincoln Space Law Conference
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    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    PO Box 830902, Lincoln, NE 68583-0902
    phone: 402.472.1269

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    5th Annual Space Law Conference

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Join us for the 5th Annual Lincoln, NE Space Law Conference hosted by the University of Nebraska College of Law's Space, Cyber, and Telecom Law Program. This event will include individual and panel discussions on commercial space regulation, including day-long focus discussions on models of commercial space regulation and national security aspects in commercial space regulation. A detailed agenda of invited and confirmed speakers is posted below:

Day 1: Commercial Space Regulation: Models and Interoperability

9:00 AM: Keynote: Gwynne Shotwell, President, SpaceX or Tim Hughes, Vice-President & General Counsel, SpaceX (invited)

10:00 AM: John Sloan, FAA (confirmed)[US Viewpoint]

10:45 AM: Mr. Jean-Bruno Marciacq, General Aviation Section, Certification Directorate , European Aviation Safety Administration (invited)[European Viewpoint]

11:30 AM: Bretton Alexander, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation (confirmed)[Industry Viewpoint]

12:15 Lunch
Lunch Keynote by Karin Nilsdotter, Executive Director, Spaceport Sweden (invited)

1:30 PM Sergio Marchisio, Chairman of the Legal Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS); Vice-Chairman of the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL/ESA); Legal Expert for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (confirmed)[Appropriate Role for UN and UNCOPUOS in Commercial Space Regulation]

2:00PM Jean-Francois Mayence, International Law Unit, Belgium Dept. of Science (confirmed)[ issues related to commercial space flight from the point of view of small space faring nations, in particular in the context of the European Union]

2:30 PM Rolf Olofsson, Partner, White and Case (Brussels)(confirmed)[Practicioner's Viewpoint, Including Insurance Requirements]

3:00 PM Sven Grahn, Senior Consultant, Spaceport Sweden (invited)[Swedish Viewpoint, Including Perspective of Country Currently Developing, Enhancing Commercial Regulation]

3:30 PM Prof. Jose Monserrat Filho, Vice-President Brazilian Air and Space Law Association (confirmed)[Brazilian perspective]

4:00 PM Prof. Steven Freeland, Professor of Law, Western Austalia Univ. & Copenhagen Univ. (confirmed)[Australian Viewpoint, Including Perspective from Country Where Commercial, Military, Civilian Not as Distinctly Regulated]

4:30 PM Prof. Doo Hwan Kim, Honorary President, The Korean Association of Air and Space Law (confirmed)[South Korean Perspective]

5:00-6:00 PM Global Roundtable, including all speakers and also the following:
Ken Davidian, Director of Research, FAA-Office of Commercial Space Transportation (confirmed)
Prof. Doddy Supancana, Atmajaya University, Jakarta, Indonesia (confirmed)
Prof. Yasuaki Hashimoto, National Institute forAtma Jaya UniversityDefense Studies, Tokyo, Japan (confirmed)
Tare Brisibe, Director, Legal Regulatory Affairs at OnAir, Geneva, Switzerland (confirmed)

Day #2: National Security Aspects of Commercial Space Regulation

9:00 AM Global Roundtable (Continued from Day One)

10:00 AM ITAR and Export Control US ITAR Reform:
Dennis Burnett, Vice-President Trade and Export Controls, EADS North America (invited)
Franceska Schroeder, Principal, Fish and Richardson (invited) John Ordway, Partner, Berliner, Corcoran and Rowe (confirmed) Foreign Regimes: TBD

Noon Lunch 1PM Keynote: General C. Robert Kehler, Commander USSTRATCOM (invited)

2 PM Rules of the Road
Prof. Ram Jakhu, Full Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University(confirmed)
Darren Huskisson, Adjunct Professor of Law, UNL College of Law, and former Chief, Space and Cyber Law, USSTRATCOM (confirmed)
Additional Speaker: TBD

4:00 PM Global Roundtable: Wrap-up Session

Further Distinguished Guests
Pat Hynes, New Mexico State University, Executive Director, FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation (confirmed)
Mike Simpson, President, International Space University (invited) ,

CLE credits are pending.