2nd International IAA Conference on Private Human Access To Space

2nd International IAA Conference on Private Human Access To Space 2nd International IAA Conference on Private Human Access To Space
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    Avantage Aquitaine
    42 rue de Tauzia, 33 800 Bordeaux, France
    phone: + 33 (0)6 81 42 23 95
    fax: + 33 (0) 5 57 70 21 22

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2008 Description:

The Symposium aims at addressing all top-ics related to the “Space Transportation of Passengers on a Commercial Basis”.The overall goal is to identify and quantify the key topics associated to Private Human Access to Space for both Orbital and Sub-orbital missions:

o The Symposium will deal with the major technical features of the conceivable solu-tions, providing the participants with a good understanding of the technical credibility of the currently on-going proposals,
o The Symposium will address the legal and regulatory aspects, on both certification and safety aspects of commercial Human space flight; current limitation swill be identified and future actions will be proposed,
o The Symposium will deal with the financial aspects associated to the development of Private Access to Space, mainly in terms of overall evaluation of development cost,the operational costs, associated business plans and financing schemes,
o The Symposium will identify the motivations of the potential customers in order to consolidate the foreseen market, and associated customers requirements linked to this new branch of Access to Space,
o The Symposium will deal with the constraints associated to Human flights in the frame of commercial initiatives,mainly the physiological aspects, psycho-logical ones, and ergonomic constraints,
o The Symposium will deal with ground infrastructures, future spaceports,space tourism bases together with associated services such as side activities,entertainment.


The International Academy for Astronautics has the ambition of making this Symposium a key focal point for all partners interested in the subject, researchers, industrials,entrepreneurs, space companies, agencies, universities, government representatives, associations, academies...The conference will propose outstanding communications on all those topics, but will also reserve time for networking and fruitful exchange among all delegates .A special attention will be given to students in order to guarantee presence of fresh blood who will undertake in near future the dreams of older skeptics...


The International Academy of Astronautics IAA has undertaken the preparation of a Position Paper related to “Private Human Access to Space”. Commission III (Space Technology and System Development) and Commission V (Space Policy, Legal and Economic Aspects) have tasked a dedicated Study Group to fulfil this action: your exchanges and presentations during the conference will serve this project.


Papers will be presented in English .Simultaneous translation facilities will not be available.


Please note that a significant exhibit can be organized in the main lobby of the conference center.