Workshop on Solar Statistics

Workshop on Solar Statistics Workshop on Solar Statistics
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    Vinay Kashyap
    60 Garden St. MS-70 Cambridge MA 02138
    phone: 617-495-7173
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United States
Cambridge MA

We will host an interdisciplinary two-day workshop on Solar Astronomy and Statistical inference at the CfA on Feb 16-17, 2012. Solar data present unique challenges of analysis. Current methods and algorithms generally fall short in dealing with the vast dynamic ranges in the properties of solar features, combined with the extraordinary detail and cadence at which they are observed. This workshop aims to bring together solar astronomers and statisticians in order to set up collaborative efforts to develop techniques and algorithms for feature recognition, thermal structure inference, and numerical computation that can deal with massive data streams that are originating from the current generation of solar telescopes.

Format: On the first day of the workshop, we will have two tutorial sessions, one describing solar data for statisticians and the other describing statistics methods for astronomers. The second day will have talks and discussions on the major themes of the workshop, in 4 sessions of 1 1/2 hours each. In each session we intend to have a brief overview by an astronomer or a statistician, followed by a commentary by someone from the complementary field, followed by open discussions. During the discussion period, participants are encouraged to make their points using a slide that they can show via a high-definition (HD) display. (Solar astronomers will recognize this format as similar to that used at SHINE conferences.) The talks will be webcast and presentation slides and recordings will be made available here after the workshop. We will also have room for a limited number of ePosters.