EU Universe Awareness Workshop

EU Universe Awareness Workshop EU Universe Awareness Workshop
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EU-Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE) is a global programme instigated at Leiden Observatory that uses the inspirational aspects of astronomy for the education of underprivileged children aged 4 – 10 years. The Universe is a unique vehicle for capturing the imagination of very young children and giving them a sense of perspective when their value systems are being formed. EU-UNAWE aims to (i) introduce very young children to the excitement of science, (ii) broaden the mind and stimulate global citizenship. Because it captures the interest and excitement of young children, astronomy can stimulate education in a holistic broader sense, e.g. by using space-based themes to further language and numerical skills.

The workshop will bring together active members of the network and experts to share ideas, techniques and resources that have been developed thus far. A goal is to consolidate existing astronomy education and communication resources for very young children internationally, to develop new prototype EU-UNAWE materials and the training tools needed for educators to effectively transmit them