KiwiMars 2012

KiwiMars 2012 KiwiMars 2012
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    Haritina Mogosanu
    KiwiSpace Foundation
    New Zealand
    phone: +64212692908

  • Keywords

    Mars, simulation, education, outreach

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KiwiSpace embarks on a unique journey to explore a surreal world during a simulated mission to Mars. A crew of six will live and work at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) for a period of two weeks, from 22 April to 6 May 2012 (NZST). They will strictly follow the site protocols which help emulate the working and living conditions of a real Mars-base, as they perform science, research and exploration tasks; and communicate with educators and students 'back on Earth'

KiwiMars 2012 is a pilot project that will take students, teachers and the public on a journey of discovery with online real time interaction between students and public from New Zealand and the crew at MDRS, real science about Mars and space exploration. The objectives of our mission are to:
Deliver an engaging science learning experience;
Establish a space science educator network;
Develop and refine methods for effective tele-education and outreach;
Educate the public about the importance of space science missions;
Foster international science and education connections and generate future opportunities for New Zealand partnerships.

We are also the partner organisations for the Antipodes Experiment, in collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum.

KiwiMars 2012 Mission Support interactive site can be found here