Dachstein Mars Analog Field Test 2012

Dachstein Mars Analog Field Test 2012 Dachstein Mars Analog Field Test 2012
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    Gernot Groemer
    Austrian Space Forum

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    Mars, Analogs, Dachstein, field test, caves, spacesuit, astrobiology

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    German, English

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Between 27Apr – 01May2012, a five day Mars analogue field test will take place at the Mammoth cave and the Giant Ice cave at the Dachstein region in southern Upper Austria coordinated by the Austrian Space Forum. During this test, the most advanced version of the Aouda.X spacesuit simulator and selected geophysical and life-science related experiments will be conducted.

Martian caves are considered one of the hotspots for astrobiology on the planet. Besides studying contamination vectors during human missions, the Austrian Space Forum is investigating operational issues related to (sub)surface operations in a Mars analog environment.

International partner will contributed with their experiments during the field test.