Subhaloes going Notts

Subhaloes going Notts Subhaloes going Notts
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    Alexander Knebe
    Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    Departamento de Fisica Teorica, Facultad de Ciencias, Modulo C-8, 28049 Madrid, Spain,

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Just like for the ”Haloes going MAD“ project we will be having a workshop for
But this time the focus of the workshop will be on future projects and not the initial code comparison:
As the first paper was limited to the comparison of standard subhalo properties solely based upon the particle ID lists and a homogeneous post-processing pipeline, there are still many open projects that can be run with this data set. Our initial brain storming included

  • a comparison of the standard properties of subhaloes using the different definitions actually implemented in each subhalo finder
  • comparing shapes of subhaloes in different finders/at different resolutions
  • comparing spins of subhaloes in different finders/at different resolutions
  • the existence/detection of sub-substructure

Therefore, we want you to "go Notts" and join us on a workshop that will summarise the results of the first paper and kick off various other papers analysing the available data set further. The complete data set will be made publicly available at the end of the workshop.