Stars Without Borders: Radial Migration in Spiral Galaxies

Stars Without Borders: Radial Migration in Spiral Galaxies Stars Without Borders: Radial Migration in Spiral Galaxies
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    Rok Roskar
    University of Zurich
    Winterthurerstrasse 190, Zurich, 8057

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This workshop will be the first international meeting devoted to the phenomenon of stellar radial migration in disk galaxies, which has in recent years been recognized as a critical component of disk galaxy evolution. The occurrence of radial migration drastically alters our view of the connection between the present-day distributions of stars and the disk formation process. Such mixing of stars may have also had a profound impact on our own Milky Way, which is the subject of many ongoing and upcoming surveys detailing its stellar archaeological record to disentangle its formation history. The process of radial migration has recently garnered much attention because it impacts a variety of fields - from external disks to our own Solar System. The workshop will address the following key issues:

What are the consequences of migration for the kinematic and chemical properties of the solar neighborhood?
What are the clues on migration encoded into thick disks and disk outskirts? What are the unique predictions of the stellar migration scenario for each of these components?
What are the consequences of stellar migration for galactic archaeology? How can future observations help uncover the rate at which migration has been taking place in the Milky Way and in disk galaxies in general?
What are other heretofore mostly unexplored consequences of migration, i.e. for the bulge or even the Solar System?