The Origins of Stars and Planetary Systems

The Origins of Stars and Planetary Systems The Origins of Stars and Planetary Systems
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    Ralph Pudritz
    Department of Physics & Astronomy McMaster University
    phone: 905-525-9140 x23180
    fax: 905-546-1252

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Hamilton, Ontario

This interdisciplinary conference will explore the deep links between the processes of star and planet formation, highlighting recent advances in observations (Kepler, Herschell), theory, and computation

The conference features 9 interdisciplinary and interleaved sessions, each with an invited Review Speaker, who will set up the session with a true review of the current state of that field, as well a Keynote Speaker who will focus more on their own contributions to the subject. About 60% of the talks will be contributed.


  • Star Formation in Clusters
  • Planets-Statistical Properties
  • Planets in Cluster Context
  • Young, Gas-Rich Disks
  • Atmospheres and Evolutionary Models
  • Cores and Small Scale Collapse
  • Planet Formation-Early Stages in Disks
  • Planet Formation-Late Stages
  • Brown Dwarft and Lower Mass End of IMF


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