Lunar Extreme Workshop

Lunar Extreme Workshop Lunar Extreme Workshop
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United States
Mountain View, CA

In spring 2012, DREAM will be educating high school students and teachers about its science goals in order to prepare them for participation and interaction with DREAM scientists at a Lunar Extreme Workshops (LEW). The first LEW took place at Goddard Space Flight Center from June 20-24, 2011 and focused on how extreme solar storms affect the Moon. The 2012 LEW will take place at Ames Research Center from June 18-22. This LEW will bring DREAM scientists together with teachers and students (scientists-in-training) to investigate the effects of impacts on the lunar surface at all scales.

The target audience for involvement in the Lunar Extreme Program is high school students who have already been exposed to physics, Earth science, chemistry, computer modeling, or preferably a combination of the above and the teachers of those subjects. Teachers will be provided with small stipends for their time and participation.