Spacecraft Systems Design Short Course

Spacecraft Systems Design Short Course Spacecraft Systems Design Short Course
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    Barbara Steel
    University of Surrey
    03 BB 04, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH
    phone: 01483 686040
    fax: 01483 686041

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    Spacecraft Systems, Radiation, Vacuum, Satellite, Design, Space, Testing, Analysis, Environment,

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Training course
United Kingdom
Guildford, surrey

Course Overview
This intensive 5 day course provides delegates with an introduction to the engineering aspects of satellite and mission design - with particular emphasis on the design of small low-cost satellites.
It will be assumed that delegates have a basic understanding of orbits and spacecraft dynamics.

The Objectives
Through a series of intensive lectures and exercises, the course aims to give an introduction to the design and construction of spacecraft, showing how the mission, and the space environment itself constrain the engineering.

Delegates should leave the course with a knowledge of:
• The Space Environment & its Effects;
• Spacecraft Platform Systems & Design;
• Satellite Manufacture & Testing
• Applications of Small, Low-Cost Satellites
• Space Mission Analysis & Design

By the end of the course, each delegate should have a good understanding of the way that satellites are designed and built. Because the course gives emphasis to the theoretical aspects of the subject, delegates will be able to apply their knowledge to a wide range of spacecraft design problems ranging from single payloads to whole spacecraft.

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