LEEM-UPM 3rd International CanSat Competition

LEEM-UPM 3rd International CanSat Competition LEEM-UPM 3rd International CanSat Competition
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    Borja Hidalgo
    LEEM (Laboratory for Space and Microgravity Research)
    Pza. Cardenal Cisneros 3, 28040 - Madrid
    phone: (+34) 666321724

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    CanSat, LEEM, Spain, UPM, competition

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    Free of charge

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A CanSat is an autonomous device capable of performing a certain mission, implemented inside a soft drink can. All basic functions of a satellite (communications, powering, etc) are implemented within a 330 ml can, which results in a great learning platform for all students interested in designing, manufacturing and analyzing satellite operations.

This initiative intends to offer students the first contact with a real project and all its typical phases, like mission design, PDR, CDR, certification, launch campaign, results analysis, etc. The objective is to motivate students giving them a real sight of their future career.

From LEEM, it is considered that approaching a high quality project, along with Space industry specifications, is a personal and professional challenge for University students. Through this opportunity, students can learn really useful skills for their future professional career, understanding the feasibility of a project, learning teamwork aptitudes and getting a global sight of all the parameters that lead to a successful project culmination.

Participants Registration is open until April 15th, 2012 at the dedicated website. All teams will then undergo a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) on May 10th in order to ensure the Competition Guidelines have been correctly understood. After this review, LEEM will consider if the team and its Cansat will be able to take part in the Competition. The Critical Design Review (CDR) will take place the 24th of June; all teams must submit their final documentation by this date. Finally, from 26th to 28th July; the “3rd International CanSat Competition LEEM-UPM” will be celebrated in Madrid.

The Contest is open to all high school and university students from any country.

With the aim of giving interested teams a start point for designing their CanSat, the main technical requirements are here sumarized:

- Mass: Less than or equal to 350 grams
- Diameter: That of a standard soft drink can. The device must be able to be released from a 70mm diameter tube by its own weight.
- Lenght: The total lenght of the device and its auxiliary equipment (antenna, recovery system...) must be less than two times the lenght of a standard soft drink can.