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Today, space is no longer just a field of advanced technological development and of scientific research of excellence, but has become an essential asset for everyday life. Space has spurred countless scientific and technological achievements which are commonly used in aeronautics, medicine, material science and production, in information and communications technology. In parallel, more and more services are carried out through the use of space applications, ranging from detection of natural disasters and environmental monitoring to global navigation and telecommunication. Using space missions to build a better understanding of the universe fulfills our centuries-old curiosity and leads humanity into the future, opening up new frontiers of knowledge.

The International Astronautical Congresses have always represented an arena in which issues have been discussed with friendship and among experts: scientists, technicians and managers from universities, agencies, research centres and industry. At the same time it introduces students and young professionals to the field.

In 2012 the IAC will come to Naples for the first time, the hometown of the late Professor Luigi G. Napolitano, a former president of the IAF and an extraordinary space scientist who marked pioneering work in fields such as microgravity and aerothermochemistry of re-entry. The theme of the conference will be “Space science and technology for the needs of all” and from one of the oldest European cities, we will give a look into the future and into how that future will be increasingly tied to space, in the interest and for the welfare of all of us.