7th International Workshop on Satellite Constellation and Formation Flying

7th International Workshop on Satellite Constellation and Formation Flying 7th International Workshop on Satellite Constellation and Formation Flying
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    Anna Guerman
    University of Lisbon/University of Beira Interior
    Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Keywords

    Satellite Constellation, Formation Flying

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The seventh in the series of events organized by IAF Astrodynamics Committee aiming to join specialists in satellite constellation and formation flying will be held in Lisbon, Portugal at the Faculty of Science of Lisbon University on March 13-15, 2013.

Previous workshops have been held in Toulouse, France (1997), Haïfa, Israel (2001), Pisa, Italy (2003), Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil (2005), Evpatoria, Ukraine (2008), and Taipei, Taiwan (2010).

The growth of satellite constellations over the last years and the continuous increase of interest in formation flying missions are undoubtedly the most important and most exciting developments in commercial, institutional and scientific satellite services. Satellite communication services (based on GEO and LEO constellations), satellite monitoring and satellite navigation services are currently the main drivers of satellite applications. The unique and novel characteristics of these satellite systems have not only rejuvenated satellite system design but have also brought new life to classical flight dynamics disciplines like orbital mechanics, attitude control, guidance and navigation, etc. They have also triggered innovative ideas in the design and optimization domains (e.g., inclusion of economic considerations in addition to technical performance and operational availability).

The main goal of this workshop is to join specialists in the area and promote discussions on the lessons from the past years as well as to present recent results in all of these challenging aspects for future space systems.

The main topics of the workshop will be as follows:
• Lessons Learnt from Past and Current Missions
• New Mission Concepts
• Mission Analysis and Design
• Deployment and Maintenance
• Guidance, Navigation, and Control
• Services and Operations
• Simulation and Optimization

Manuscripts will be accepted based on the quality of the extended abstract, the originality of the work and/or ideas, and the anticipated interest in the proposed subject. Submissions that are based on experimental results or current data, or report on ongoing missions, are especially encouraged.

Complete manuscripts are required before the conference.