First Cosmology Results from Planck

First Cosmology Results from Planck First Cosmology Results from Planck
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The ESA's Planck satellite, dedicated to studying the early universe, was launched
on May 2009 and has been surveying the microwave and submillimetre sky since
August 2009. In March 2013, ESA and the Planck Collaboration publicly released
the initial cosmology products based on the first 15.5 months of Planck operations.

In this talk I will give an overview of the main scientific results obtained from this data
release. Scientific results include robust support for the standard, six parameter LCDM
model of cosmology and improved measurements for the parameters that define this
model, including a highly significant deviation from scale invariance of the primordial
power spectrum. The Planck values for some of these parameters and others derived
from them are significantly different from those previously determined. Several large
scale anomalies in the CMB temperature distribution detected earlier by WMAP are
confirmed with higher confidence. Planck sets new limits on the number and mass of
neutrinos, and has measured gravitational lensing of CMB anisotropies at 25 sigma.
Planck finds no evidence for non-Gaussian statistics of the CMB anisotropies.