The Comet ISON Observer's Workhop

The Comet ISON Observer's Workhop The Comet ISON Observer's Workhop
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    Dr. Carey Lisse
    Campaign Chair

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The goals of this NASA campaign, and thus of the CIOC Team, are to assist both ground and space-based NASA observatories, and private observatories around the world, in obtaining the most scientifically useful observations of comet ISON. Sungrazing comets are unique objects that experience the most extreme thermal and gravitation forces our solar system has to offer them. However, rarely do we get to see these objects more than a few hours before their demise. Comet ISON offers us the rare opportunity to study a Sungrazer in great detail, for an extended period, and place it in the context of other comets.

Observing Sungrazers, particularly as they get close to the Sun, can require a different approach from a scientific stand-point. Also, many of NASA space-based observatories and spacecraft are not designed or intended to observe comets, but nonetheless have imaging and spectroscopic capabilities that can be adapted to this task, and return valuable and unique science results.