Astrodynamics Specialist Conference

Astrodynamics Specialist Conference Astrodynamics Specialist Conference
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United States
South Carolina

The technical sessions will cover a wide spectrum of current topics in astrodynamics and spaceflight mechanics, including:

  • Asteroid and non-Earth orbiting missions
  • Atmospheric re-entry guidance and control
  • Attitude dynamics, determination and control
  • Attitude-sensor and payload-sensor calibration
  • Dynamical systems theory applied to space flight
  • Dynamics and control of large space structures and tethers
  • Earth orbital and planetary mission studies
  • Flight dynamics operations and spacecraft autonomy
  • Orbit determination and space-surveillance tracking
  • Orbital debris and space environment
  • Orbital dynamics, perturbations, and stability
  • Rendezvous, relative motion, proximity operations, and formation flying
  • Reusable launch vehicle design, dynamics, guidance, and control
  • Satellite constellations
  • Spacecraft guidance, navigation and control (GNC)
  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Conjunction Analysis (CA), and collision avoidance
  • Trajectory/mission/maneuver design and optimization

Special sessions are also planned on the "use of advanced computer architectures for mission design analysis applications" and "orbit debris modeling and removal".