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Aviation 2013 Aviation 2013
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    The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

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United States
Los Angales, CA

AIAA is creating a new annual event, AVIATION, that will become the yearly forum to share knowledge, build networks, and evolve the vision inspiring the future of global aviation. This unique gathering will blend AIAA’s traditional technical sessions with broad-view, high-level discussions and demonstrate the value of the technological innovations that drive the aviation community forward.

Aviation brings irreplaceable benefits to society and creates the framework for a prosperous and secure globe. New technologies, new systems, and new concepts of operation reflect the continual innovation that is a hallmark of aviation, even as the professionals who research, design, manufacture, maintain, and operate aviation systems strive to work together more efficiently than ever to deliver market-leading solutions in a rapidly evolving economic and policy environment. Aviation is on the move.

AVIATION 2013 will seek to:

  •     Evolve an aviation vision that balances near-term opportunities and long-term possibilities
  •     Create a more active and robust community among aviation leaders in government, industry, and academia
  •     Share leading-edge knowledge among world-class researchers, engineers, developers, manufacturers, operators, economists, and policymakers
  •     Stimulate technologists to address practical, near-term problems throughout the aviation enterprise
  •     Promote enterprise best practices and lessons learned for the life-cycle management of complex aviation systems
  •     Create business-to-business networking opportunities for aviation prime contractors, suppliers, regulators, and operators

To achieve these goals, AVIATION 2013 will:

  •     Include all market segments:
  1.         Commercial, general, and military aviation
  2.         Aircraft, airline, airspace, and airport industries
  3.         Fixed, rotary, and UAS vehicle types
  •     Encompass the life-cycle from disciplinary research through product development to system operation and maintenance
  •     Invite international participation in recognition of the global nature of aviation requirements, opportunities, regulatory limitations, research activities, development programs, and operations
  •     Seek multi-industry synergies (such as with system autonomy) to leverage knowledge and insight