Explosive Transients: Lighthouses of the Universe

Explosive Transients: Lighthouses of the Universe Explosive Transients: Lighthouses of the Universe
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    Goddard Space Flight Center

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This meeting intends to devote approximately one or half day per subject area, addressing both observations and theory, accompanied by healthy and vigorous discussions/debates at the end of each day in the beautiful environment of the Santorini Conference Center. Astronomers and physicists, working throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum and beyond, will come together to critique recent observations, connect new phenomena and establish fresh collaborations to improve our understanding of the underlying mechanisms responsible for explosive transients.

On Friday afternoon, 20 September 2013, the Swift, Fermi, NuSTAR teams will hold a programmatic meeting for team members, open for the conference participants as well, to prepare for the next Senior Review of the operating NASA missions, due in 2014. The teams are welcoming suggestions on how to serve the broader community better, as well as ideas on new scientific projects combining more than one mission. Given the broad international and scientific spectrum of the Santorini meeting, this forum is ideal for providing input for the teams' future strategic planning.