Telecoms for Smart Grids

Telecoms for Smart Grids Telecoms for Smart Grids
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Numerous technology advances as well as reductions in the price of equipment and monthly services, has led to satellite communications emerging as a viable and attractive means of connectivity for many smart grid applications, including substation automation (SA), distribution automation (DA), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) backhaul, remote monitoring, and mobile workforce applications. Various satellite service providers and equipment manufacturers are now aggressively pursuing the utility market, a trend that should further reduce the cost of satellite service and equipment even as bandwidth and connection speeds improve. According to a new report from Navigant Research, revenue from satellite services and equipment for smart grid applications will reach $368 million by 2020, increasing from just under $67 million in 2012.

Against this backdrop, SMi's 3rd annual Telecoms for Smart Grids conference will address these recent developments and much more with eleven Utility Case Studies provided on developments in Smart Grid Communications. The two-day programme will reveal insight into the required connectivity infrastructure, the importance of Data Communications and future role of the DCC, and how key design and engineering experts are overcoming current infrastructure challenges. This year's Telecoms for Smart Grids conference will build upon the 2012 event with industry leaders discussing the latest hot topics including: CDMA as a new approach for DSO's in Europe, Data optimisation for IEC 61850 traffic over RF mesh networks, and how Wireless IP communications network based on WiMax has been designed to accommodate requirements in monitoring, control, and low latency applications such as tele-protection.