Asymetrical Planetary Nebulae VI

Asymetrical Planetary Nebulae VI Asymetrical Planetary Nebulae VI
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    Christophe Morisset
    Instituto de Astronomia -UNAM
    UNAM Mexico

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    planetary nebulae

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Playa del Carmen

Most - if not all - planetary nebulae exhibit a complex structure, far from the spherical shape. The reasons for this dramatic change in symmetry, that occurs in early stage of the development of the nebula, remain controversial. The same physics operates in a variety of stars, from young (winds from young stars and/or high mass stars) to old (novae, symbiotic stars). The aim of the APN series of conferences has been to offer the opportunity to anyone involved in the study of asymmetric planetary nebulae (and related objects) to discuss the latest results obtained in this field.

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