Kepler Science Conference II

Kepler Science Conference II Kepler Science Conference II
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    Hosted by the NASA Ames Research Center
    Co-sponsored by the Kepler Project and the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

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United States
Moffett Field, Ca

Topics to be covered include:


  • Exoplanet Statistics, False Positives, and Completeness Corrections
  • Earth Analogues and Super-Earths
  • Multiple Planets and Multiple Star Systems
  • Planet Formation and Migration Theories
  • Habitable Zone
  • Characterizing Transiting Planets
  • Stellar Activity, Rotation, Ages, Metallicity
  • Eclipsing and Interacting Binaries
  • Future Exoplanet Telescopes and Instrumentation
  • Asteroseismology
  • Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics