Interstellar Travel MeetUp

Interstellar Travel MeetUp Interstellar Travel MeetUp
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    Cameron Ashkarkhizani
    Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library
    3160 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010
    phone: (314) 420-3966

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    Interstellar travel meetup, 100 Year Starship, outer space, space travel, space law, space policy, meetings about space

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United States
Washington, DC

The thinking and underlying assumption, which motivated this event is a variety of technological, economic and legal (and policy) events have occurred recently. These events could mean that it is time for people to hone in a skill set relevant to take their place in humankind's assent into becoming a spacefaring generation. This may include, plumbers, children, undiscovered geniuses, law students, artists or anyone.

Open forum discussion for anyone interested in knowing more about new trends related to space travel. Free and open to children and the general public. Scientists, space professionals, and lovers of SciFi are also welcome. People are thinking about moving forward to become a spacefaring civilization. Voyager has gone can people.

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