The 1st Gutenberg Astrophysics Winter School

The 1st Gutenberg Astrophysics Winter School The 1st Gutenberg Astrophysics Winter School
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    Observatoire astronomique
    11 rue de l'Université Strasbourg F-67000 France
    phone: +33(0)
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    Multi-wavelength astronomy, data bases, astrometry, stellar populations, VO

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We are entering a new era of massive datasets. These are emerging from a range of current and planned major astronomical surveys and infrastructures such as GAIA, LSST, ALMA and SKA and from the optical to radio. 

These unprecedented new data streams will present serious challenges to our ability to assimilate, federate, interrogate, distill, analyse and scientifically evaluate such vast sources of astronomical data across multiple wavelengths at multiple resolutions and sensitivities. 

The issues are photometric, parametric and increasingly spectroscopic in nature as new instruments and technologies come on stream on ground and space-based observatories. 

How are we as individuals and as team members to exploit these riches?

This workshop is intended to provide some introductory background and context to this challenge. The workshop is scoped as a combined series of relevant and engaging science talks (given by international experts using specific current and topical projects that touch on these areas) paired with back-up technical lectures on the underlying technical processes, tools and science rationale given by experts, scientists and leaders in the underlying physics, processes and techniques of smart information use.