Stellar tango at Rockies 14

Stellar tango at Rockies 14 Stellar tango at Rockies 14
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Lake Louise, Alberta

Interacting stars undoubtedly strongly affect the stellar populations and produce spectacular events and objects. What happens during interactions and how those interactions affect future of a binary is still far from well understood. This conference is devoted to actively interacting stars. Topics will be related to formation and evolution of compact binaries through the active interactions and will have emphasizes on:

  • the physics of the common envelope interaction
  • the impact of common envelope events on the population of interesting interacting binaries
  • observations of post-CE binaries
  • physics of mass transfer and its consequences -- supernovae type Ia,
  • evolution of low-mass and high-mass X-ray binaries
  • planets around post-CE stars or stellar remnants that survived CE
  • transient events from binaries -- luminous red novae, supernovae, GRBs and LIGO events

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