IBS-MultiDark joint focus program on WIMPs and axions

IBS-MultiDark joint focus program on WIMPs and axions IBS-MultiDark joint focus program on WIMPs and axions
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    Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU), IBS,

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Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce the 2014 IBS-MultiDark joint focus program on

WIMPs and axions,

which will take place from October 10th to 21st, 2014, at the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU), IBS, Daejeon, South Korea.

The program is oriented towards WIMP (10th-16th) and axion (17th-21st) searches, covering also other dark matter candidates. The aim is to promote the collaboration and exchange of ideas. The list of invited speakers includes theoretical as well as experimental experts.

Key Speakers

WIMP session
Chris Brook * (UAM, Madrid)
Mirco Cannoni (Huelva University)
Juan I. Collar (KIPC, CoGeNT/COUPP)
Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M University)
Richard Gaitskell (Brown University, LUX/LZ)
Mario Gomez (Huelva University)
German Gomez-Vargas (Chile University)
Sven Heinemeyer (IFCA UC-CSIC)
Dan Hooper (FNAL, University of Chicago)
Alejandro Ibarra (TUM, Munich)
Fabio Iocco (IFT UAM-CSIC, Madrid)
Yong-Yeon Keum (SNU)
Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
Guillaume Lambard (CUP, IBS)
Tim Linden (University of Chicago)
Yann Mambrini (LPT, Orsay)
Maria Martinez (University of Zaragoza, CUORE)
Takeo Moroi (University of Tokyo)
Aldo Morselli (INFN Roma, Fermi LAT)
Leszek Roszkoswki * (Sheffield University)
Carsten Rott (Sungkyunkwan University, IceCube)
Miguel Angel Sanchez Conde (KIPAC/SLAC, Stanford)
Maria Luisa Sarsa (Zaragoza University, ANAIS)
Stefano Scopel (Sogang University)
Osamu Seto (Hokkai-Gakuen University)
Tomer Volansky * (Tel-Aviv University)
Yu-Feng Zhou (KITPC, ITP)

Axion session
Dmitry Budker (LBNL)
Giovanni Cantatore (INFN Trieste, CAST/IAXO)
Joseph Conlon (University of Oxford)
Masahiro Kawasaki (University of Tokyo)
Jihn E. Kim (Kyunghee University)
Hans Peter Nilles * (Bonn University)
Georg G. Raffelt (MPIP, Munich)
Surjeet Rajendran (Stanford)
Javier Redondo (MPIP, Munich)
Gray Rybka (University of Washington, ADMX)
Masahide Yamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(*To be confirmed)

Registration deadline: September 20th, 2014. The registration page is at

The venue for the IBS-MultiDark joint program is the CTPU, IBS, located in Daejeon, in the center of South Korea and 50 minutes away from Seoul by high speed train.

Scientific Organizing Committee

David G. Cerdeño (IFT UAM-CSIC, MultiDark)
Kiwoon Choi (CTPU, IBS)
Ki-Young Choi (KASI)
Kwang-Sik Jeong (CTPU, IBS)
Yeongduk Kim (CUP, IBS)
Roberto Lineros (IFIC UV-CSIC, MultiDark)
Carlos Munoz (IFT UAM-CSIC, MultiDark)
Yannis K. Semertzidis (CAPP, IBS)

Contact: IBS-MDprogram@ibs.re.kr

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