ASCE Earth and Space 2014

ASCE Earth and Space 2014 ASCE Earth and Space 2014
  • Contact

    Leslie Gertsch
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Rolla, Missouri, United States
    phone: 573-341-7278

  • Keywords

    space, mining, exploration, smart structures, extreme engineering

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United States
St Louis, Missouri

Four interrelated topical areas will run simultaneously:

Symposium 1 - Granular Materials in Space Exploration

Symposium 2 - Exploration and Utilization of Extra-Terrestrial Bodies

Symposium 3 - Advanced Materials and Designs for Hydraulic, Earth, and Aerospace Structures

Symposium 4 - Structures in Challenging Environments: Dynamics, Controls, Smart Structures, and Sensors

Student paper contest and poster session.

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