ASTech International Conference Space Exploration

ASTech International Conference Space Exploration ASTech International Conference Space Exploration
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Following the success of the International Conference on Space Exploration organized by ASTech in Paris in December 2012, the upcoming conference will address the technical, scientific and programmatic challenges associated to exploration.

A specific important thread will review the 2nd version of the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER) of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) and its implications.

This updated document results from an international effort to define a feasible and sustainable space exploration roadmap and includes consideration of stakeholders’ feedback received on the 1st version.

In the context of this roadmap, and considering the current focus of international discussions, conference papers are in particular invited to address the following questions (in no particular order of priority):

How can science benefit from the implementation of the GER and how can the resulting knowledge gain be maximised?

What opportunities are offered through early human missions to cis-lunar space included in the GER mission scenario?

What roles should Europe strive for in the international endeavour required for implementing the GER and what should be European technology priorities?

Which innovative mission concepts could be considered for further enhancing the value of the GER implementation to the stakeholder community?

What are the driving interests and optional solutions for continuing exploitation of LEO infrastructures post 2020?

What type of international cooperation frameworks could be considered for building gradually the global partnership required for achieving the goals of the GER?

Which innovative outreach methods could be considered for further broadening the engagement of stakeholders in the implementation of the GER and enhancing broad political support?

How can the value of robotic sample return missions be enhanced for preparing future human mission scenarios?

What should be the role of the ISS for the preparation of exploration?

How can public-private partnerships support exploration?

What are the most promising technological developments that would support exploration?

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