Mobile Deployable Communications Description

Mobile Deployable Communications Description Mobile Deployable Communications Description
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The 8th annual conference on Mobile Deployable Communications 2015 will address the key topics of CIS networks and tactical communications, C4ISR standardisation, interoperability across the global armed forces, operational experiences and future technologies.

The role of the communications systems has evolved hugely in the past 15 years and the issue of delivering the right capability not simply delivering capability right is essential.

The importance of interoperability with regards to mobile deployable communications will also be addressed, offering an insight into the communications challenges which face multinational operations on the battlefield.

These questions and more will be answered at SMi's Mobile Deployable Communications 2015 conference. It is important that the current issues surrounding mobile deployable communications are addressed by leading military and industry personnel so that key solutions can be discussed and developed.

The 2014 expert speaker line-up will include:
• Brigadier General Jan Kase, Director of CIS Agency, Czech Ministry of Defence
• Michael McCarthy, Director of Operations and Program Manager, US Army
• Colonel Jan van de Pol, Head of Systems, Applications, Training & Simulation, NLD Defence Materiel Organisation
• Major Aurel Sabo, Deputy Commander, Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic
• Giuseppe Curro, Head of Training Management, NATO Communications and Information Systems School
• Krasimir Yordanov, Chief IT & Security Branch, EU Military Staff
• Justin O’Neill, Area Marketing Manager, Comtech Systems

Benefits of Attending:
• Discover strategies to overcome ever-present threats such as cyber-attacks
• Hear about the potential of information superiority in European security & defence
• Listen to operational case studies, allowing you to develop your communication systems
• Evaluate and discuss the US Army Mobility Project
• Hear how the challenges of SOA - based communications in the tactical domain will effect ongoing operations from the Military Communications Institute

Don't miss the chance to attend two workshops:
Workshop A: Tactical Communications Overview
Hosted by: Dr. Clayton Stewart, Visiting Professor, University College London
Workshop B: Enabling SOA in the tactical domain
Hosted by: NATO STO Group - NATO IST -118


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