Aerospace Week 2015

Aerospace Week 2015 Aerospace Week 2015
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    APAE - Ass Port Aeronautica e Espaço
    Instituto Superior Técnico
    Av. Rovisco Pais n1
    phone: (+351) 96 44 33 213

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    Aeronautics, Space, Aerospace, Portugal

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Created in 2003, the Aerospace Week at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is an event promoted and organized annually by the Portuguese Aeronautics and Space Association (APAE), performing under the IST Career Weeks. Its main objective is to tighten and strengthen the connection between students of the MSc in Aerospace Engineering (MEAer) and the best companies, associations and other entities to develop projects in the aeronautical and space industries, both nationally and internationally. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to learn about the work of some of the best companies in the area and what is best made in Portugal.
The Aerospace Week will feature the presence of several Portuguese companies in the aeronautical and space sectors. Throughout the event, students will have the opportunity to communicate with the business world and research and to build a privileged link with the future employers. We will present the following activities:
       • Business Lectures
       • Presentation of students cores
       • Workshops
       • Exhibition / job fair

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