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SpaceUp is a social event gathering people from any origin to share the space thematic. As an « unconference », SpaceUp doesn’t reverses the usual conception of conferences. As a result:

  • Any participant can decide the topics
  • Any participant can structure the schedule
  • Any participant can present a topic

Talking about space during a SpaceUp can take many forms during a SpaceUp and deal with the various dimension of the theme: technology, policy, science, exploration, art, culture, education or even cooking.

Space near you

As a participant of the SpaceUp, you are encouraged to assist but also to attempt a famous T-5 Talk, share your ideas, moderate a panel or even organize an activity. The event provides empty slots for session from 5 to 20 minutes during the two days. Of course, SpaceUp wouldn’t be the same without coffee breaks and special events to extend the passionates discussion after the different sessions.

In other words…

  • SpaceUp isn’t a usual conference
  • SpaceUp is open to everybody
  • SpaceUp offer you the chance to share AND to talk
  • SpaceUp is social, enthusiastic and can even get you addicted
  • SpaceUp get the cosmos closer to you

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