Sea, Earth and Space (SES) Summit

Sea, Earth and Space (SES) Summit Sea, Earth and Space (SES) Summit
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United States
Houston, TX

The Sea, Earth, and Space (SES) Summit will bring together professionals from industry, government, and academia to explore the boundaries of human performance like never before. Offering three unique educational tracks, the SES Summit will provide in-depth forums and expert exchange for researchers, educators, and professionals on the topic of human performance in the exploration of the sea, earth, and space. Industry leaders and technology providers also convene at the SES summit to showcase innovative technologies that offer solutions to the needs of the human operating in extreme environments. With such a wide variety of applications, the SES summit has something for everyone, from scientists to extreme human performance coaches and everyone in between. 

Explore the limits of human performance. Join us May 1 - May 3, 2015 in Houston, TX for this inaugural event. Registration is now open. 

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the inaugural Sea, Earth, and Space Summit are:

•To establish an open and innovative platform for knowledge sharing among all stakeholders interested in human performance in the extreme environments of the sea, Earth, and space.

•To educate and inspire by creating an event that reaches beyond the walls of the conference and into the greater community through public & educational outreach and citizen science initiatives.

•To promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, thereby allowing experts to tap into each other’s best practices for the purposes of advancing the field of human performance 


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