AstroGeoKazan IAPS 2015

AstroGeoKazan  IAPS 2015 AstroGeoKazan  IAPS 2015
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The Committees of the International Forum “SpaceKazan–IAPS–2015” extends a warm welcome to all participants and their guests. The 2-nd  IAPS Scientific Assembly, 2-nd Int. Chang'E Lunar Dynamics Workshop, 9-th Russia - Japan Space Workshop, Summer School is open to all scientists, young scientists and students interested. We wish you a pleasant stay in Kazan, Russia.

The International Forum “SpaceKazan–IAPS–2015” will give a broad outlook of scientific areas: analytical, numerical and structure analysis of early and modern Moon, Earth and planets on micro-, meso- and large scales; space geodesy, micro-arcsecond astrometry, geophysical budget of lunar and planetary rotation, free and forced lunar librations, space topography; Lunar and Planetary ephemeris; asteroid and comets, NEO hazards; solar and space physics, planetary science: physics, dynamics and chemistry of the Sun, Planets, Moon, moons; Lunar and Martian meteorites; gravitational and magnetic fields of the Sun, Planets, Moon, moons; lunar and planet dichotomies; microgravity and space life sciences; modern ground observations, space missions and future prospectives: SBI, D-, I-VLBI, SLR, LLR, LRR, Space VLBI: RadioAstron, Millimetron, ISS, BIONs, CSS, Spectr RG/UV, WSO-UV, OLVE, HERD, Mars-Express, Messenger, Venus-Express, GRAIL, LRO, LADEE, MAVEN, ExoMars, Chang'E - 3/4,5/6, Luna (25,26) - Glob, Luna (27) - Resource, SELENE-2, ILOM, Chandrayaan-2, European lunar lander, Bepi Colombo, Juno, JUICE.

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