Creativity in the Aerospace Industry

Creativity in the Aerospace Industry Creativity in the Aerospace Industry
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    Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
    153 Franklin Street

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Conor McGibboney, CEO of Galactic Systems LLC, will discuss the importance of Creativity in the Aerospace Industry. The lecture will cover creativity in the laboratory as well as the importance of embracing creativity in aerospace programs. The same type of creativity that is used to create a painting or write music is the same type of creativity used to solve math problems or design spacecraft. Understanding the role creativity can play in solving complex problems as well as providing quality education, is instrumental in building things that have never been built before. The aerospace industry needs creative minds to explore the unknown and engineer the impossible.

In any aerospace program, researchers will encounter problems never encountered before. To overcome these obstacles, scientists and engineers must use their creativity. Alongside using creativity to solve problems in the laboratory, the relationship between creativity in the arts and the sciences has far reaching implications towards building a peaceful space‐faring civilization and exploring the unknown. Join Conor McGibboney, CEO of Galactic Systems, for a talk about Creativity in the Aerospace Industry.

Starts at 1pm, lasts for one hour. Part of Ryu-Kon Anime and Gaming Convention.