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The Space Frontier Foundation's annual conference is one of the most important commercial space conferences in the nation, and will be held July 16-18 in Silicon Valley. NewSpace 2015 is where networking with leaders, supporters, investors, and activists evolves into enterprises that propel the industry upward. It will host a wide range of thought-provoking panels and visionary keynote speakers that will surpass NewSpace 2014's already highly-praised programming.

This is the seventh year that the conference has been in Silicon Valley and we are pleased to continue holding the most stimulating conference in the world of commercial space in the home of bleeding-edge technology. We personally welcome the experienced Silicon Valley technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors to come and get on board with NewSpace.

The three day event will focus on the current, near term, and future potential and challenges of the emerging commercial space industry. People from throughout the space, advocacy and technology industries to those in startups, government and media bring their ideas for opening the high frontier making this conference a hotbed of innovation and partnership. We look forward to having you join us.

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