2015 ALMA Summer School

2015 ALMA Summer School 2015 ALMA Summer School
  • Contact

    Brenda Matthews
    North American ALMA Science Center
    Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
    phone: +1-250-363-8642
    fax: +1-250-363-0045

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    ALMA, interferometry, summer school, workshop

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The 2015 ALMA Summer School on interferometric techniques, focussed on the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), will be held from 17-21 August in Penticton, BC. The workshop is organized by members of the Millimeter Astronomy Group of the National Research Council in their capacity as members of the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC), with the assistance of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia.

The workshop will be conducted by members of the NAASC and will include lectures on the basics of radio astronomy and interferometry, with a more detailed focus on the ALMA facility, its Observing Tool (OT) and data reduction software, CASA. In addition, there will be extensive opportunities to work hands-on with the ALMA OT, and CASA. Participants will be required to have a lap-top with CASA installed and will be provided with datasets which can be reduced in real time during the workshop, or bring their own ALMA data.

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