European Rover Challenge

European Rover Challenge European Rover Challenge
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    Lukasz Wilczynski
    European Space Foundation
    Kosciuszki 40/6, 30-105 Krakow

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    mars, rover, competition, challenge, space

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European Rover Challenge is the biggest open-air space-robotic event in Europe.

Event consists of three sections. In the first section is a track where will be held a competition of Martian rovers. Participants are students, graduates and university staff. The task facing teams is to design and build a Martian rover, which obtains the highest score in five competitions.

In the second section, visitors will have the opportunity to look at the possibilities offered by professional robots, used every day by the military and police.

In the third section will be prepared outdoor shows popularizing science and new technology, aimed at people of all ages. For two days visitors will able to take part in real science festival, watch experiments, participate in workshops and presentations, which will vary in terms of age and interest of the audience. For visitors provides numerous activities and competitions.

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