Human Dependability Workshop, HUDEP 2015

Human Dependability Workshop, HUDEP 2015 Human Dependability Workshop, HUDEP 2015
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Workshop Overview

The main purpose of this event is to give to space agencies, industries, companies, the opportunity to present and discuss the way they take into account the human factor aspects all along the life cycle of their projects.


Represent a HUDEP community and provide input to the HUDEP steering group work.
Share experiences and lessons learned on human dependability methodologies in applications, including training and competence development.
Exchange views on operation aspects and discuss human dependability issues.
Explore control center operators lessons learned.
Learn from other industries and enhance the awareness of human dependability.
Present the ECSS handbook on human dependability and provide recommendations for further standardisation efforts.
Share information on R&D studies across partner agencies and industry.

Target Audience

Designers, engineers and product assurance managers as well as operation managers and operators of complex and sensitive projects
Human dependability, risk management and related discipline experts from ‘space agencies, industries, companies, institutions and universities

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