Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Zero Gravity
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    The British Interplanetary Society
    27/29 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1SZ
    phone: 0207353160

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    Evening Lecture

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    Entrance Fee: £2 for members of the BIS, WHS, BRLSI, and Students, others £4 (payable on the door).

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A Joint British Interplanetary Society and Herchel Society meeting

We take the presence of gravity so much for granted in our every day life. The talk will start by trying to stimulate the audience into thinking a little about how every-day things are indeed influenced by the presence of (or lack of) gravity.

The talk will then progress to discuss how weightlessness can be used to perform unique research in the areas of material science, fluid physics, biology and human physiology. The latter topic, research in the area of human physiology, will in particular be expanded, looking at aspects of fluid shift, muscle wasting, loss of bone mass, and orientation-sensing and motion strategies. Countermeasures to these changes will be discussed that are intended to keep the astronauts healthy during long duration exposure to weightlessness (e.g. when travelling to Mars). It will also be discussed how this research enlarges our knowledge for ground-based medical applications...

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