13th Reinventing Space Conference

13th Reinventing Space Conference 13th Reinventing Space Conference
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The global economic climate is creating demand to reduce expenditure, leading to new challenges and opportunities in the world’s space industry. The need to create dramatically reduced cost, more responsive systems and launchers capable of delivering to space quickly, cheaply and reliably has never been more vital.

The 13th Reinventing Space Conference will be held between the 10-13 November this year in Oxford, UK. The focus of the 2015 conference will be on the commercialisation of space and will address a range of topics including low cost launch opportunities, the rebirth of constellations, beyond LEO activities and novel technologies.

The three official days at the Randolph Hotel will be followed by an optional day of site visits on Friday 13 November. Delegates who wish to stay on after the official close of the conference will be taken on a tour of major companies and facilities in the UK space industry within the Oxford area.

The key sessions of RIspace are:

Access to Space : The vehicles and technologies that are transforming our route to space from small launchers to reuseability

LEO Activities : The businesses and capabilities that will revolutionise our use of low earth orbit, low latency broadband to continuous earth observation

Beyond LEO : Asteroid/lunar mining, fuel depots, space solar power; the new use cases for space

Technologies : The technologies behind our advancements in space

Applications and Commercialisation / Commercialisation of space : Building the new space economy; startups and investment

Military : Low cost space, its benefit and enabled capabilities

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